Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety, Mornington Peninsula offers a comprehensive in-house embroidery service. With 2 brand new state of the art Barudan embroiderymachines we operate right here in Progress St, Mornington and offshore embroidery options at our disposal we can provide the most efficient and cost effective embroidery solutions for any size customer and we can get the job done on time.

So how does it all work? To get an embroidery job started we need to get your design / logo set up as an embroidery file, a process we call digitizing. If you don't already have a logo we can refer you to one of our graphic artists. We take a copy of your logo and send it off to our digitizer with a brief on size, colors and material we are going to embroider onto . The digitizer then "sets up" your embroidery file. The cost of this varies depending on size and complexity of the logo. The digitizer sets the size and type of stitches used and the tension along with the order or pattern that the logo is stitched out. Its important that the logo is set for the best quality job to be achieved without the use of unnecessary stitches. It's also importany that the design is suitable for the material it is being used on. In some cases we have set up the same logo twice to get the best results on a variety of products.

Once we have your embroidery file we go ahead and stitch out a physical sample on a piece of fabric to show you. Included in the set up cost is one free edit and a second stitch out if required. Once you have approved and signed off the design we proceed with the job. This whole process can be done via email, we do however recommend that you see the final stitch out in person. This whole process usually takes about 5 working days, we allow 48 hours to have it set up then another 48 hours for the stitchout. The set up process only has to be done once (unless you change your logo) making repeat orders quick and easy.

The actual cost per logo varies greatly depending on the size of the logo and the quantity being done at the time. We find that most jobs end up costing between $6.00 & $8.00 per logo. There are some design limitations, if you have a design you would like us to look at, send it through to mornington@hippocketworkwear.com.au and we will get back to you with any suggestions and an estimation of the cost.




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