At Hip Pocket Mornington we have modern high-quality Embroidery machines located on-site for your convenience.

    We only use the best available cottons and backings. We have professionally trained staff and quality control procedures in place to ensure you get the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

    Some items we embroider include:

    • Polo shirts & Tee Shirts
    • Business, Trade and Hi Vis button up shirts
    • Beanies, Caps, Bucket, and wide brim hats
    • Jumpers & Jackets
    • Pants & Shorts

    Specialised Embroidery Services:

    Our speciality embroidery service includes 3D embroidery, horse blankets, towels & luggage and custom embroidery work on leather and vinyl for motor trimmers. We have also imported speciality cottons for Flame retardant and glow in the dark embroidery applications.


    What does it cost to embroider your company logo?

    Once the logo is set up a standard front chest usually costs between $6 and $9 and larger back logos can cost anywhere between $15 and $50+ ea depending on the design and number of stitches.

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